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Apart from menopause, women may encounter a lot of body changes as the years go by. Child-bearing, hormonal changes, plus life stressors can alter the woman’s body. It's not just the face and body that ages, but also the genital area too. This happens due to a natural decline in collagen production as women age. Unfortunate, but it’s a natural occurrence that not only affects women physically but also their personal relationships as sexual intimacy starts to decline.

However, it is never too late to push the reset button on your sex life again. Aside from fostering emotional intimacy and open communication, Le Cléo™ offers the best solution to re-ignite the fire in your life again.

Le Cléo™: The Passion-Rekindling Elixir

Le Cléo™’s core foundation was inspired by Cleopatra who was known to be a force of physical attraction with hundreds of men, the epitome of femme fatale.

Le Cléo™ provides all-natural relief for intimate concerns that often arise in menopause, pregnancy, and hormone imbalances. Made from a premium blend of rose oil, jojoba seeds, cypress, and ylang-ylang locally sourced in Egypt and are extracted through the most cutting-edge cold pressing technology, this combination has a skyrocketing amount of collagen and antioxidants which will help miss V return to its original state.

Its high content of natural antioxidants help in preventing the formation of melanin to help lighten the delicate region for overall gentle restoration.

The Alluring Benefits of Le Cléo™
Deeply Hydrating

Offers continuous hydration to the private area while also restoring the moisture barrier by reaching the deepest layer of the skin to keep the lady V well lubricated and plump.
Improves Libido

Increases desire in the bedroom by balancing hormone levels and reducing menopausal symptoms by raising body temperature and blood flow to the reproductive system.
Instant Tightening Effect

Contains antioxidants that help stimulate the natural production of collagen. Therefore, elasticity is improved within minutes, reducing the appearance of a saggy and loose private area without expensive procedures, pain, and downtime.
Banishes Dark Intimate Area
This oil is packed full of rejuvenating antioxidants to lift away dark spots, revealing lighter and pinkish miss V.
Lightweight Texture

The texture of this oil is 10 times more lightweight allowing it to penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum effectiveness.
Promotes Healthy pH Balance
Specifically designed for the most sensitive part of the body, Le Cléo™ is formulated with no harsh ingredients to maintain the pH balance of miss V.
100% Natural and Cruelty-Free
Formulated with only certified organic ingredients, it is vegan and approved for use by the leading organizations in the US.

How to Use Le Cléo™:

1. Clean your hands thoroughly before using Le Cléo™.

2. Place a few drops of Use Le Cléo™ on your fingers.

3. Apply it on the inside and outside of your intimate area and massage for a few seconds.

4. Use every morning and night for best results.

Note: Prior to using Le Cléo™, it is recommended to do a skin patch test to check for allergic reactions.

For best results, complete 1 full treatment consisting of 3 bottles. For external use only.
What Customers Have To Say
My husband and I have already been married for 20 years. We have been running our family business for 10 years already and it has been a rough ride ever when we started. Unfortunately, it has taken a toll on our relationship. Since we’re so busy every day, we end up heavily tired in the evening so intimacy never happens. This has been going on for years and it’s heartbreaking to think our relationship was compromised because of our business. So, I tried searching for ways to bring back the romance we once shared then I saw the Le Cléo™ and since its benefits are promising, I bought one to try. One night, after just 3 days of use, my husband surprisingly asked me if I wanna do ‘it’ ‘cos he missed me a lot and of course, I said yes! Ever since using this, I felt the intimacy is finally back!

Beverly D. Linsey, MI

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Ever since I gave birth to our daughter, I’m always tired and sleepless. I feel so sorry for my husband because it feels like I’m no longer giving him my love and attention and since he’s always so busy at work, we really have no time for each other. One day, as I was scrolling on my phone, I found Le Cléo™. Bought one and secretly used it the night when my husband was on his day off. This powerful oil surely delivers because my husband was into me that night and won’t let me sleep if I don’t do it with him. It’s no surprise he’s that hungry though because I planned it all along. Sex life has never been exciting!

Andrea D. Miller, GA

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Already 2 decades into our marriage, sexual intimacy towards each other is almost gone. My husband and I have worked extra hard to provide for our kids’ needs since we just started a family. Now that we’re already in our 50s and all the kids already have their own families, I feel like we forgot about each other’s physiological needs too. I was looking for ways to bring back the romance in our marriage, and I stumbled upon the Le Cléo™ online and gave it a try. After using it, my husband and I shared one steamy night and both of us were smiling from ear to ear because making love has never been that exciting and to think it has been years since we did it. I’m so glad I found this oil!

Annmarie C. Barlowe, WI

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