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1 vs. 100: The Female Ruler Who Controlled
Powerful Men From The Bedroom

Cleopatra was the greatest woman of her time. Although she was not a striking beauty and has a manly appearance, her ‘talent’ in bed with hundreds of men all at once, captivated powerful emperors.

So, just how exactly did Cleopatra dominate charismatic Roman leaders such as Mark Antony and Julius Caesar?

Cleopatra’s Love Elixir

For generations, experts have tried to piece together her life story including Dr. Sera, a successful sexologist with more than 20 years of experience.

She recently traveled to Egypt to learn more about the famous seductress. There, she met Professor Braheem, a world-renowned archaeologist who led the search for Cleopatra’s tomb.

He stumbled upon a unique find from the paintings on the walls that could hold the answer to Dr. Sera’s question:

"We have uncovered a 'love potion' recipe that might be linked to Cleopatra. The ancient recipe requires Egyptian rose petals, jojoba seeds, cypress, and ylang-ylang infused in oil for months under the scorching sun.”

“Our theory is that the potion was Cleopatra’s ingenious way to help her gain political power through her sexuality.”

“This potion was her weapon to seduce powerful men to protect her kingdom which helped her to rise as a powerful female in the world of male rulers.”

“The magical potion allowed her to do ‘it’ for hours without feeling tired in weeks-long intimate parties with an infinite amount of men.”

“There were also pieces of evidence which revealed that Julius Caesar was obsessed with her because of how ‘tight’ she was as if her cherry hadn’t been ‘explored’ before.”

“Cleopatra’s high sexual appetite definitely caught the eyes of Roman leaders over the years.”

-Professor Braheem

Trying Out The Recipe Of An Ancient Seductress

Dr. Sera realized that she was onto something potentially groundbreaking. Was this centuries-old recipe really the key to maintaining youthful “lady V”?

So, Dr. Sera decided to create a prototype version of the “love potion” and after months of working with local suppliers all over Egypt, Dr. Sera finally sourced all the ingredients to replicate the legendary potion.

And when the prototype serum was ready, she quickly put it to the test with the help of a volunteer, 54-year-old Tiffany with menopause. For two weeks, she had to apply the prototype oil twice a day:

“Due to hormonal changes, my lady V became very dry which caused intercourse to be very painful.”

“I’ve tried different treatments but they didn’t work. When Dr. Sera first let me try this serum, it blew me away!”

“Within a week of applying the serum on my intimate area, my delicate area feels more lubricated with minimal effort.”

“My husband keeps complimenting me on how good I feel. If this could be achieved in just two weeks, imagine what it can do in a month!”


They Called It Le Cléo™

Enthralled, Dr. Sera wanted to share her breakthrough innovation with the world. So, she decided to collaborate with the best botanists and gynecologists to further enhance the intimate serum.

In under a year, a multi-use feminine intimate serum was born and they called it Le Cléo™. It is a bedside favorite that provides all-natural relief for intimate concerns that often arise in menopause, pregnancy, and hormone imbalances.

Le Cléo™ can even be used as a lubricant during “playtime” with a partner. Its formulation is the same as Cleopatra’s legendary love potion made from a blend of four premium ingredients locally sourced in Egypt with the most cutting-edge cold pressing technology.

This combination has a skyrocketing amount of healing properties which will help miss V return to its original state. Dr. Sera explained the science behind Le Cléo™:

“The skin of our lovely area is sensitive and thin. It needs collagen to stay rejuvenated and irresistible but as we age, the natural collagen production in our body slows down…”

“Resulting in dark, loose and desert-dry intimate areas. This feminine oil works at a cellular level to rebuild the connective tissues.”

“With only a few drops, it is equivalent to hundreds of Kegel exercises. Muscles in the private area will instantly feel closer to each other, improving natural sensation and lubrication.”

“This in effect heightens pleasure during intimacy. Also, when applied, its calming effect will ignite desires as it increases women’s drive in the bedroom by improving blood flow to the genital region.”

“Besides, its high content of antioxidants will prevent the formation of melanin which lightens the delicate region for a more restored miss V.”

“Taking romance to the next level without surgery, pain, or downtime.”

-Dr. Sera

Le Cléo™ Gained Worldwide Recognition

When Le Cléo™ was launched worldwide, it was a breakthrough success with more than 600,000 units sold.

98.5% of satisfied users have reported drastic improvements in their delicate areas. Here is one of the feedbacks from an avid user, 36-year-old Hannah:

“After I gave birth, my lady V became very loose. I’ve tried various tightening creams but they only made my sensitive area even more irritated.”

“It also became darker due to hormones. This made me lose confidence to get intimate with my husband.”

“But when one of my friends introduced Le Cléo™ to me, I am in the mood more often now and every night feels like my first time!”

“My intimate area even has a pinky hue now and I don’t have to turn off the lights anymore.”

“My down there has a better grip now, it’s like I’ve regained my youth. Thanks to Le Cléo™, my husband looks forward to bedtime with me every night!”


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