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Breaking News: Mother Called The Cops On Her Own Daughter

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 | Kayden George, Senior Editor

A mother mistook a noise outside her front door for an intruder and calls the police. Little did she know, it was her own daughter!

“I was watching TV when I heard the front door handle jingle.”

“I thought someone was attempting to break in.”

“So I quickly called the police in a panic.”

“Our neighbors even came out to watch the ongoing commotion.”

“I can’t believe I couldn’t even recognize my own daughter.”

– Mother

“I was so embarrassed.”

“This incident was the wakeup call I desperately needed.”

“I know I can’t live like this anymore.”

– Janet Davis

The Sad Reality

28-year-old Janet Davis is one of the nation’s frontline heroes. Due to the current situation, she hasn’t seen her family in months because her duty as a nurse comes first.

“It’s crazy busy at the hospital.”

“I attend to hundreds of patients everyday so I barely have time to eat.”

“I was grabbing what was easy and convenient which was fast food.”

“To make matters worse, I was eating at irregular timings.”

“Within months, I was tipping the scale at 323 lbs.”

“I’m setting a really bad example for my patients by putting my health on the back burner.”

“How can I expect others to heed my advice as a nurse when I didn't myself?”

– Janet Davis

Her Life Was On The Line

Janet knew she had to start taking charge of her health again. So she began a nutritarian diet which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

When that didn’t work, she tried other sorts of diets: Atkins, Paleo, Keto, Jenny Craig, Weight Watches, Nutrisystem…

There were still no changes. So she signed up for bootcamp classes and even HIIT, CrossFit and weight training. But she would only lose 20 lbs or so just to gain it right back plus a few extra.

Things Took A Turn For The Worse

Dejected, Janet decided to quit. As she went for her final HIIT class, the unthinkable happened.

Suddenly, sweat ran down her face. She felt the walls closing in followed by chest pains. Before she knew it, everything went black…

“You’re lucky to have survived a heart attack.”

“If the paramedics got to you seconds later, you would’ve died.”

“The thing about obesity is that the risk for heart attack increases tremendously.”

“Please take caution… you may not be so lucky next time.”

– Dr. Thomas

A Cry For Help

Janet then shared her struggles to shed the pounds. That’s where she was recommended to Dr. Abbott, a bariatric physician who introduced her to Shyra™.

“Shyra™ is composed of concentrated extracts of Camellia Sinensis and green coffee beans.”
“Camellia Sinensis is loaded with a powerful antioxidant called Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG).”
“It is known for boosting metabolism and stopping the growth of fat cells.”
“On the other hand, green coffee beans contain high levels of chlorogenic acid.”
“This reduces carbohydrate and glucose absorption in the digestive tract.”
“The combination of Camellia Sinensis and green coffee beans make a potent weight loss inducer.”
“By activating fat burning genes, speeding up weight loss by 75%.”
“This means that even when you’re doing nothing, Shyra™ is actively helping you burn off those extra calories.”

– Dr. Abbott, Board Certified, M.D, Bariatric Physician

The Idea Behind It

It’s simple yet effective. Just stick the patch onto any body part that needs downsizing. Shyra™ works transdermally by infusing the active ingredients directly into the skin, bypassing the digestive system so it doesn’t lose its effectiveness.

This helps to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and break down stubborn fat while detoxifying the toxicants accumulated in the body ensuring maximum inch loss efficiently. The best part is that it can work without having to exercise.

It Sounded Too Good To Be True

But with nothing to lose, she gave it a try anyway. And the most incredible thing happened…

In just 1 week, she lost almost 25 lbs. Within a month, close to 90 lbs were gone. 2 months on, she successfully lost a total of 185 lbs!

“I had given up all hope until Shyra™ came along.”

“The pounds were shedding so fast… It’s unbelievable!”

“My clothes were getting looser every week.”

“I could even fit in my size 10 skinny jeans which I haven’t worn since high school.”

“The best part is that I wasn’t sticking to any sort of diet.”

“I was basically eating whatever I wanted.”

“Yet, the pounds still fell off – no exercise needed!”

“It was perfect for me since I have a very busy work schedule.”

“Dr. Abbott did me the biggest favor of my life.”

“I’m finally free of high cholesterol and diabetes.”

“And I can’t thank him enough for it”

– Janet Davis

“Janet looks like a different person!”
“She’s even slimmer than before.”
“Her transformation has inspired me to begin my own.”
“After many failed attempts, I finally lost 30 lbs.”
“And it’s been only a little over a week!”
“Can’t wait to finally reach my weight loss goal.”

– Dana Stewart, Colleague

Over 328,796 People Have Experienced The Benefits Of Shyra™

The hardest part about losing weight is keeping it off. Shyra™ offers hope for those who are struggling with that.

Living a healthy lifestyle is no longer a distant dream. Start taking charge of your health today because tomorrow is never promised. It’s YOUR life, why take a chance?